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By downloading and using Qlik Core, you are subject to the End-User License Agreement. Make sure you have read and understood this agreement before continuing.


Qlik Core comes with a community version that may be used to evaluate, develop, or test solutions. Note that it cannot be used for commercial purposes.

The current limitations are applied to the community version:

  • 30 day expiration: Qlik Associative Engine will expire 30 days after the version has been released.
  • 5 concurrent sessions: Qlik Associative Engine will limit the amount of concurrent sessions.

Accepting the EULA

You need to pass in a setting to Qlik Associative Engine to acknowledge that you accept the EULA. Example: docker run qlikcore/engine:<version> -S AcceptEULA=yes


Running Qlik Core with a license requires a side-car License service which unlocks the Qlik Associative Engine service. See the License service documentation for additional information on how you can prepare your solution for Qlik Core licensing.

Getting a license

You can purchase your license by contacting sales here You will also need to pass in a setting to Qlik Associative Engine to enable licensing. See License configuration page.

With a license the community limitations will no longer apply.

Third Party Licenses

Click here for information about our third-party licenses.